Calloway & Associates, Inc.

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Calloway & Associates, Inc.

Your Total Solution

Let's Grow Together

Providing Solutions For:

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Staff Augmentation

Financial Services

Commodities Sourcing

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Information Technology

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To succeed by delivering outstanding performance by dedicating to push the limits of excellence, to stand at the forefront in providing regular consultations, affordable rates, and the most professional environment attainable in the industry. The honesty, intelligence, and commitment of our people are vital to Calloway's mission. We share pride in Calloway and respect each individual's contribution at every level. Exemplary customer relationships drive our determination to exceed our best.


Is to exceed our client’s expectations through understanding and supporting their goals.  To this purpose, our staff is trained with Calloway Core Values and are held accountable to Calloway’s Commitment to Excellence.


Is to provide value added services and staff that will integrate with our clients’ business processes and technology requirements.


Who DO WE Serve?     YOU!

Pivoting with the economy, Calloway continues to provide a diverse set of services and a professional staff uniquely tailored to you. Regardless of the project size or location, we identify, attract recruit, and retain qualified professionals for staff augmentation, provide sound financial management services, and supply information technology solutions and commodities. 

Come, take advantage of our services and grow with us!