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Calloway & Associates, Inc is a global diverse services and products consulting company. We also provide subject matter experts of a wide variety to support systems design. We have experience and dedicated staff and management to support Information Technology as well as logistics, financial, environmental, administrative systems planning and development, testing services as well as Computer Center O&M services. We support onsite as well as offsite IT projects for a wide variety of small and mid-tier commercial clients, municipal and state governments, non-profit organizations and a plethora of agencies within the Federal Government. CALLOWAY’S IT engagements have resulted in strong bottom line results, providing measurable benefits to our clients.

CALLOWAY’S logistics systems development as well as O&M, help desk, call center or conducting surveys and other data collection efforts are unparalleled. Our I.T. services experienced staff and management that  provide an unyielding commitment to best-in-class customized logistics services featuring: Supply Chain Solution Development; Automated Distribution and Fulfillment, E-Commerce, Logistic Services and a multitude of other customized value-add services backed by state-of-the-art leading-edge technology. We believe that the core of our business is the combination of can-do attitude and talented professionals to help you develop and execute a successful game plan for your operation. We have the expertise to help you optimize your computer operations in ways that will significantly improve employee satisfaction, customer service and reduce distribution costs. We have held prime Department of Justice (DOJ), department of Defense (DoD), Department of Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), as well as department  of Veterans Affairs prime contracts or subcontracts where we have successfully completed IT services of a array.

Our mission is to provide value added services and staff that will integrate with our client’s business processes and technology requirements.

For 5 years we supported onsite federal sector IT contracts for industry leader Grant Thornton for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs HQ. Calloway staff and management experienced designing environmental management systems, and/or developing environmental computer models. We also have staff and experience designing and developing GIS maps for various technical discipline reports of a variety. We have staff expert designing interfaces to commercially available COTS software utilized by the federal government. We have staff expert in litigation support IT systems in DOJ, who can also conduct civil financial case development financial information forensics focused in on specific tax regulations.

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